We are EMP, the whatapp for metamask. 

Right now we're a fork of metamask, but hope to be part of metamask soon! 


We support end-to-end encryption messaging by leveraging the public-private key cryptography from your Ethereum address.


Download here: emp.netlify.com/EMP.zip

Installation: Chrome extensions, add unpacked extension and select the EMP folder. 


How it works: 

1. Click on the mail icon on the upper left hand side. You will need to authorize using your metamask password.

2. Then you will be able to add other users by their public address. Both users should sign up! 

3. You can click on the addresses and message each other. You will get notifications when a new message arrives! 


Download here: emp.netlify.com/EMP.zip


Made with ❤️in Brooklyn by @alwaysbcoding and @freeslugs